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'From The SOUTHSIDE With Love. - The Wendy City' Releasing 8/24/23

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Chicago and join us for a captivating two-day pop-up shop event, 'From The SOUTHSIDE With Love - The Wendy City,' on August 24th and 25th. This extraordinary event pays homage to the beloved Wenzala Hubbard, a remarkable woman whose unwavering support for her children and her infectious love for Two Simple have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

In honor of Ms. Wendy's legacy, this exclusive collection showcases a color palette that represents her birthplace, Chicago, IL with a captivating emphasis on her favorite color, green. Within this collection lies a special dress—a manifestation of Ms. Wendy's vision and dream—which her son and our Creative Director, Tamir Buchanan, has meticulously designed. The dress will be available for sale, but only the two of them truly comprehend its enchanting essence. Be part of this intimate experience and witness the culmination of their artistic collaboration.

Thursday, August 24th, promises an immersive shopping experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Delight in browsing and purchasing exquisite clothing while relishing the tunes spun by our live DJ. Capture memorable moments at our photo walls, witness a stunning model showcase, and be the first to discover our latest sneaker reveal. Marvel at the dress showcase and participate in engaging activities like Free Throw Contest, Tunk, Dominoes, Uno, Connect Four, and much more. For the competitive souls, a thrilling Spades Tournament, a Basketball 2K Tournament, and a Madden 23 Tournament await. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts throughout the day. Don't miss your chance to secure a spot in the gaming tournaments—CASH PRIZES for the Madden tournament, for the 2K tournament, and for the Spades tournament. The first 50 people who spend $100 will receive two free items as a token of our appreciation. And if you pre-order our unreleased sneaker, your name will be entered into a $100 raffle. A wristband from your purchase grants you a 24% discount on your second-day purchases.


On Friday, August 25th, step into Wendy's House Experience—an enchanting space that exudes warmth and nostalgia. Capture timeless memories against our photo op merch wall while indulging in custom cocktails served by the illustrious Shake It UP Mobile Bar, and their talented bartenders. The event evolves into a lively party, gradually transforming into a dinner featuring a delectable menu. Feast on succulent bar b que ribs, savory chicken, flavorful greens, creamy mac and cheese, shrimp, and mouthwatering cheesecake. The decor exudes a sense of cozy elegance with green couches, an inviting rug, cherished photographs of Ms. Wendy and super 8. Raise a E&J Brandy & Diet Coke toast to Ms. Wendy with us (her preferred combination).

Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the remarkable life and legacy of Ms. Wendy at Mi Casa Two Casa pop up event as we release the 'From The SOUTHSIDE With Love - The Wendy City' collection. Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the spirit of Chicago, connect with the community, and be part of a memorable experience filled with love, creativity, and shared moments. We eagerly anticipate your presence this August.



This collection is a dedication to the beloved Wenzala Hubbard (8/24/60 - 1/11/23). Ms. Wendy has always supported her children and has always been the biggest fan of Two Simple. This collection will have a color color palette that represents Chicago, IL (Her Birthplace) with the primary pop color being green (Her Favorite Color). Before she passed, her one request was for Tamir Buchanan (Her Son / Our Creative Director) to design a dress that she had a vision and dream about. Only the TWO of them knows what this dress is supposed to look like. Tamir has said this collection will not only contain the dress, but the dress will be for sale as well. In very limited capacity however. We look forward to seeing you all this August.




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