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    TWO SIMPLE was founded in 2015 by Tamir Buchanan. Tamir describes the brand as an “SIMPLE yet complex pieces at the highest point in taste” or “just some SIMPLE shit” at times. TWO SIMPLE CLOTHING aims to use its voice and platform to bring light to not own BLACK OWNED businesses but also shed light on designer streetwear. We're committed to adding timeless garments to your wardrobe that answer the question of what people value most while shopping.


TWO SIMPLE CLOTHING collections are produced in Dallas,TX, Italy, and Portugal.

TWO SIMPLE continues to redefine itself every 2 years with collections and runways that combine storytelling, activism, debate, and social injustices within the urban realm;  all while using collaboration to further the dialogue around the world.

TWO SIMPLE CLOTHING is sold limitedly online and at exclusive pop-up shops.

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