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If you weren't at this fall fashion show, you definitely missed out on a night to remember. Tamir Buchanan made sure that his voice was heard on all mediums at all levels. From the visuals, to the music, to the clothes, to the models, and even down to the specific hair styles chosen. The message of black excellence was clear and represented very well at a high level.

Below are a few remarks from some of the guest in attendance that night.

"Wow! Just wow T! I knew it would be dope, but you absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. GOOD JOB bro!"

"This was my first time going to a fashion show. An I don't know if they are all like this, however I was definitely impressed. Congratulations brother."

"Yeah, your definitely a genius bro."

"Man I swear every time I go to something you have a hand in preparing. I'm just blown away. Bro you have no idea how sometimes it takes me days or months to truly process who you are. I truly get a good feeling inside my body and a little extra motivation when I see your projects. Continue to keep grinding and to put the family on. You truly are making Cody proud."

"I think if you keep going at the very least I think you'll become a creative director of a top tier line that you could Collab with. Watching the show inspired me and made me think about where people fell short. Watching the egg hatch was dope and left me feel some type of way in a GOOD way!"



VISUAL DIRECTOR - David "Sway" Wilson @shotbyswayyy

HEAD of Photography - Ken W. @kaydub_photos

OWNER of Alluring Temptations SPR - Hykeem "J-Keem" Johnson

COLLABERAITIONS with Alluring Temptations PR @alluringtemptationspr

* Assistant Media Director - @shadcrop

* Media Team - @galeretv

* Production Assistants - @daveshatamia // @kayyslim_ // @xlimited_edition

* Photographers - @jordanjmahoney // @teeglizzyk // @donniegambino_ // @coreyvhs // @vhsplus // @shotbyevanjones // @sonnyboy112




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