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The Ophanim is the second to closest of angels to God in his exposition of the Jewish 10 angelic hierarchy.


Introducing our latest innovation in footwear – Inspired by the celestial Ophanim Angels, renowned for their remarkable function, these shoes will embody both style and purpose. Just as the Ophanim served as the wheels of the Lord's Heavenly Chariot, the "Ophanim Runners." Our Ophanim Runners are designed to take you on an extraordinary journey.

Imagine the synergy of form and function as you step into these unique shoes. Much like the divine wheels described in Ezekiel's vision, the Ophanim Runners feature intricate details that symbolize their heavenly origins. The wheels, adorned with eyes, are represented in the sleek contours and patterns that adorn the shoes, offering a visual testament to their celestial inspiration.

Every step you take is a testament to the Ophanim's purpose – a convergence of heavenly design and earthly functionality. As the second closest angels to God in the Jewish angelic hierarchy, the Ophanim reflect both power and proximity. Similarly, our Ophanim Runners empower you to navigate your path with confidence, embracing a blend of comfort and style.


Discover the artistry behind the Ophanim Runners, where innovation and style harmoniously unite. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these shoes redefine sophistication.

Underneath, the sole is crafted from robust rubber material, promising durability and grip for every step you take. This union of form and function exemplifies the essence of the Ophanim Runners.


The upper showcases a masterful blend of Woven Flyknit, offering breathability and flexibility. The ankle is embraced by a Neoprene Liner, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The top of the shoe features a Slip-On design, ensuring effortless wear. Italian Leather and Suede grace the toe box, accentuated by meticulous vent holes that add both flair and ventilation.


Elegantly presented, each pair arrives in an all-black shoe box, a representation of the celestial connection to the Ophanim Angels. Inside, you'll find not one, but two dust bags, further emphasizing the exclusivity of your acquisition.


For the perfect fit, be sure to consult our Size Guide. However, The Ophanim Runners stay true to size, ensuring your stride aligns seamlessly with the divine design. Elevate your journey with footwear that merges heavenly inspiration and contemporary style like never before.


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