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From The SOUTHSIDE With Love. - The Wendy City Releasing 8/24/23

This collection is a dedication to the beloved Wenzala Hubbard (8/24/60 - 1/11/23). Ms. Wendy has always supported her children and has always been the biggest fan of Two Simple. This collection will have a color color palette that represents Chicago, IL (Her Birthplace) with the primary pop color being green (Her Favorite Color). Before she passed, her one request was for Tamir Buchanan (Her Son / Our Creative Director) to design a dress that she had a vision and dream about. Only the TWO of them knows what this dress is supposed to look like. Tamir has said this collection will not only contain the dress, but the dress will be for sale as well. In very limited capacity however. We look forward to seeing you all this August.