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Two Simple Clo. Presents its first annual “Two Simple Musicale.” This is an event aimed at showcasing the first season of the Two Simple brand apparel entitled “ABANDONED” while simultaneously exposing new local artists from Miami, Dallas, and more. The MAIN focus of the event will be its hosts, TWO SIMPLE CREW and their apparel, which will be available for purchase at the event.

(Any artist submissions can be sent to

It will take place in Miami, FL, on a date that falls between March 9th-16st. A final time, date, and location will be announced by February 10th, 2016. This event will feature 2-4 main musical performers, each having 1-3 opening acts. For performers with established fan bases, that also promote the event, they will receive a percentage of the profit from ticket sales (based on their own marketing contribution.) Opening acts will NOT BE PAID. However, they may set up a booth to sale merchandise. This event will bring hundreds of Miami locals as well as many out-of-town-ers who are familiar with the brand and the prospected main performers. We are currently receiving many inquiries. The Urban Cult, LLC will be in charge of reviewing the talents and performers will be chosen and informed by March 1st, 2016 at the latest. This news will also be posted here on the brands blog page.

(If you'd like to be apart of this event or have questions, email submissions to the brand's email listed below)

Thank You and Good Luck!

Two Simple Crew


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