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Two Simple Clo. Presents its first “Two Simple Musicale.” This is an event aimed at showcasing the first collection of the Two Simple brand apparel entitled “ABANDONED” while simultaneously exposing new local artists from Miami, Dallas, and more. The MAIN focus of the event will be its hosts, TWO SIMPLE CREW and their apparel, which will be available for purchase at the event.

It will take place at SENOR FROGS Miami, FL, Sunday, March 13th. This event will feature 3 main musical performers, each having another artist as an opening act. This event is projected to bring hundreds of Miami locals as well as many out-of-town-ers who are familiar with the brand and the prospected main performers.

(If you'd like to be apart of this event or have questions, email submissions to the brand's email listed below)

Thank You and Good Luck!

Two Simple Crew


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