Creative Director 'Tamir' is getting ready for the 4th collection for TWO SIMPLE CLOTHING entitled "DEMISE"which will release FALL 2021. Lets go inside the mind of the young genius and what he has to say about this upcoming collection.



"Death of families, death of relationships, death of a nation, and most importantly...Death of BLACK FREEDOM."



"This collection is a representation of what it means to live through death as a black human being and find the wisdom and strength that God has given us all."



"We put a lot of time into the way the fabrics feel throughout the entire production process. This is the quality that I've dreamed of being able to accomplish and produce an its finally here."


"Being still has been God's message for 2020. An your MOST still at death. However, death on earth is just the beginning of eternal life. I also heard Jerry Lorenzo say, "Legacy and your life's example happen when your not paying attention." I've had the time to process my faith and my life's purpose. An I feel like I've been paying attention to not just my moves, but also how people have been moving around me."


"The biggest struggle has been the speed of support. Building a brand in city where everyone knows everyone you would think that we as people, as a community would be more reluctant to support and push one to our highest limits. However that's not the case. An after being the creative director for over 5 years in a city you grew up in just lets me know I have to continue to outsource my resources."


"I want to give a thank you to my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I also want to thank my spouse, family and friends. Without there support, I would have quit a long time ago. An last but not least, I just want to tell my son Aiden that I love him. Thank you."